Dear project owner

we would like to introduce you to the new OpenModels TV. It enables the efficient configuration of a television channel broadcasted through the internet in a synchronized manner. The OpenModels TV provides all projects of the Open Model Initiative the possibility to advertise their respective modeling method and the developed modeling tool. Conceptualization, development and support for the OpenModels TV are conducted using the facilities of the Open Models Laboratory (OMiLAB).

Each project may have a certain amount of widgets assigned to one of the OMiLAB phases. The purpose of these widgets is to give rather uninvolved a good impression of the project (i.e., the modeling method). The range embraces conceptual models or PowerPoint slides showing the foundational ideas of the modeling method up to screencasts, showing the creation of models using the developed modeling tool. Besides showing all facets of a modeling method (e.g., the ideas, meta models, formal specifications, notational element, algorithms and mechanisms), the OpenModels TV also enables the project owner to gain direct feedback of the users watching the TV channel of the project. Moreover, a download link to the developed modeling tool and a link to the project page within the Open Model Initiative are automatically included.

Not only the modeling methods and their respective modeling tools are put into the focus in the OpenModels TV, also the project and its members are illustrated. Logos for instutitions, research projects, group pictures, and portrait pictures for each group member can be added to a project's TV channel. Using RSS feeds, current news around the Open Models Initiative in general, and the specific project in particular are included and running through a news stream (e.g., denoting that a new modeling tool prototype has been released).

We want to give you the opportunity to add your project to OpenModels TV in order to show your efforts to the community. Moreover, you can use your channel in the OpenModels TV to spread your modeling method and the corresponding modeling tool! Currently the configuration is done by flat files. Attached you will find a basic checklist of the information we need to properly include your project. Furthermore, you will find a form. You may fill it and send it, together with the required information, back to us. Afterwards we will configure your TV channel on a test server and provide you with the link to test it, adjust it to your preferences, and finally allow us to include it to the publicly accessible OpenModels TV. Alternatively to the form, you will see an example project and a template attached. If you do not want to use the form, you may directly customize the Thus, the file structure of the can be directly read by OpenModels TV, and the intermediate step with the form can be skipped. Further instructions on how to add your project-sepcific content are included in the archive itself.

We hope you like the idea of an OpenModels TV, broadcasting the diversity of modeling methods over the internet.

Please let us know if we can provide further help.

Best regards,
The OMiLAB-Team
Domenik Bork

Checklist: checklist.pdf
Form: form.pdf